Fly on the wall

4am Full Moon by Art Happens

Someone I recently met in the studio – and their own gentleness, presence, and mindfulness – has inspired some recent reflection on many of my artistic practices. Here is one recent 4am rambling that I sent his way…

Up in the middle of the night, full moon-light streaming in my window (or just past I think it was yesterday), inspired and listening to music, thinking about collaboration – within our bodies, the dialogue between our thought and our physical intuition or physical intelligence; with each other, other bodies in space, between performer and audience and community – all of the spoken and unspoken rules and constructs, known and unknowable, the barriers and connections… And how this investigation into collaboration has guided me towards a practice of deep listening and mindfulness, and what that looks like in movement and art making, and where I still fail at it, and what kinds of questions and investigations and probing that can ignite… And then how to wrap these deep and philosophical considerations into a 2 hour morning class to prepare ourselves for all the varied and intense demands on our bodies… 

sound and body by Art Happens
energetic floating
intention flowing
moving through the breath into the earth bound ear
I don’t have the words but I can feel it – both as it brews internally at the base of a deep belly and as it billows up through the body, pulling the spine up and the chest outward, expanding and softening my mouth, jaw, cheeks, face, until finally pouring out with a kind of ease and independent life that has come from me but is other than me.

and then, as though that weren’t enough, I also get to receive it. the sensation of hearing, as it reverberates, my body receives its vibratory resonance.

full, beautiful, ephemeral, terrifying, vulnerable, magic

Remembering moving by Art Happens
October 3, 2008, 1:09 am
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Such an awesomely inspiring rehearsal today. Feels so good to break a sweat and really dig in and MOVE. Sometimes rehearsals seem like they move so far away from moving, conceptualizing the work – understanding intention and context – negotiating props and sets and other elements – and sometimes it just feels great to move and remener that is what is at the heart of what we are doing.

between us by Art Happens
September 14, 2008, 9:10 pm
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As I begin work on our new piece, “ambient intimacy”, I am thinking about the space between us, near, far, physical, emotional, psychological… the distance we can see between our bodies… the distance we can’t see but can feel from those far off.  the closeness we can feel to someone whose physical presence is not visible but felt.  the real intimacy and the imagined intimacy that these close and far distances BOTH allow for.  Imagining this space as tangible and full.  How does that change, inform, redefine my own bodies edges, my emotional boundaries, and my physical sensations?  While these questions are examined in a much broader context for this new work, it somehow carries me back to what is a central question and exploration that keeps popping up with these daily practices.  the boundaries and edges between us as doers and watchers and the impact, both real and imagined, that we each have on one-another in both of these roles…  there is something key, keen about that space between us that is felt and permeates our own edges to blur what is you and what is me.  it is a connectedness that is both engaging and essential while also probable cause of the fear and walls that keep such a strong desire to maintain our “mask” and to keep a delineation between ourselves and others so clear.  how much are these “distinctions” necessary in order to have a real dialogue and how much must they dissolve?  what is the balance between the thickness and mobility of the space between us and the potency of our own edges…?


freedom to move by Art Happens
September 9, 2008, 3:45 pm
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as ideas for this new work, re-worked recent work, come to fruition inside the studio and out… everywhere i look it seems there are references and research opportunities, confluences and insights all around me.  i adore this place where the piece begins to take over your life space in such a way that you live and breath it at nearly every moment.  it becomes this living entity that demands attention and care, consideration.  but it also gives back and offers inspiration, questions, moments of discovery and surprise.  “ambient intimacy” is beginning to take form and our rehearsal yesterday, although full of bumps and walls was equally full of laughter and inspired moments and i feel as though we are getting somewhere, have turned a new page, unveiled a new series of questions and directions for further exploration… whereas for a moment we were stuck in mud and unsure where we might go and what we were experiencing/doing.  it is not as though we now have answers but the mud pulls less and there is freedom to move around the space and change our perception, see new things, and find motion in the process again.  i can hardly wait for the the next rehearsal!!!!! more to come!!!!