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4am Full Moon by Art Happens

Someone I recently met in the studio – and their own gentleness, presence, and mindfulness – has inspired some recent reflection on many of my artistic practices. Here is one recent 4am rambling that I sent his way…

Up in the middle of the night, full moon-light streaming in my window (or just past I think it was yesterday), inspired and listening to music, thinking about collaboration – within our bodies, the dialogue between our thought and our physical intuition or physical intelligence; with each other, other bodies in space, between performer and audience and community – all of the spoken and unspoken rules and constructs, known and unknowable, the barriers and connections… And how this investigation into collaboration has guided me towards a practice of deep listening and mindfulness, and what that looks like in movement and art making, and where I still fail at it, and what kinds of questions and investigations and probing that can ignite… And then how to wrap these deep and philosophical considerations into a 2 hour morning class to prepare ourselves for all the varied and intense demands on our bodies… 

inside out by Art Happens
September 13, 2008, 12:08 am
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UNDOING a Holding Back
RELEASING a Holding On
Surrendering withing rather than Recreating in an image outside of oneself

Letting go
Plunging forward
With a feeling of sensing ones self in this moment
Movement from the inside out
Resonating in a sensation that is uncovered
Stumbling onto where we are
Only to see for a moment as we allow ourselves to pass through it and fall forward into the next

An evershifting sequence of sensations – observed, witnessed, filled.

Negotiating the “external”. With a sense of care, softness, and sensitivity. ¬†Acknowledging it’s congruence with ourselves. ¬†Our connection with it as an extension of ourselves.

The body as both inside and out; here, there and now. Trust in the before and after in order to let go of a linear logic that keeps us keeping track rather than tracking.