Fly on the wall

freedom to move by Art Happens
September 9, 2008, 3:45 pm
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as ideas for this new work, re-worked recent work, come to fruition inside the studio and out… everywhere i look it seems there are references and research opportunities, confluences and insights all around me.  i adore this place where the piece begins to take over your life space in such a way that you live and breath it at nearly every moment.  it becomes this living entity that demands attention and care, consideration.  but it also gives back and offers inspiration, questions, moments of discovery and surprise.  “ambient intimacy” is beginning to take form and our rehearsal yesterday, although full of bumps and walls was equally full of laughter and inspired moments and i feel as though we are getting somewhere, have turned a new page, unveiled a new series of questions and directions for further exploration… whereas for a moment we were stuck in mud and unsure where we might go and what we were experiencing/doing.  it is not as though we now have answers but the mud pulls less and there is freedom to move around the space and change our perception, see new things, and find motion in the process again.  i can hardly wait for the the next rehearsal!!!!! more to come!!!!



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